Meet our 1st Prize Winner, Mr. Liu from China

The Ultimate IB Ride Contest has ended, recording huge participation from Introducing Brokers all over the world. Congratulations to all 20 IBs who walked away with a share of our $22K+ prize pool.

We are excited to introduce our 1st Prize winner, Mr. Liu from China who made his way to the top of the leaderboard by achieving the highest score of 2183.4. Mr Liu opted to receive the $10,000 cash alternative of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

In the interview below, Mr Liu shares his perspectives on what makes an Introducing Broker successful, the perks of Tickmill’s IB programme and the excitement of participating in our IB contest.

What is the most important thing you look for in a Partnership programme?

Broker’s integrity and quality of service are the most popular criteria we look for when we select a broker’s partnership programme. We tend to cooperate with the broker which is most popular among clients.

What attracted you to Tickmill’s Introducing Broker programme?

Tickmill’s attractive trading conditions, very low trading costs, which are what most of Tickmill’s clients like too.

What did you enjoy the most in the Ultimate IB Ride Contest?

The prize of course.

What is the key to becoming a successful Introducing Broker?

Maintain good relationship with clients, provide best service, so that you earn Clients’ trust.

Would you like to see Tickmill running another IB contest?

I feel that this contest was very good and well-organised; I definitely expect a new IB contest.


A big thank you to all participants for making this contest a success. Stay tuned for more rewarding competitions soon!

Losses can exceed the initial deposit.