We are excited to announce that Tickmill has proudly sponsored SK Kadrina, an Estonian wrestling team which participated in an international wrestling competition in Arad, Israel. The tournament was held from 31 October until 6 November 2017 in memory of Lieutenant Hanan Barak and attracted hundreds of international wrestlers from all over the world.

The team members of SK Kadrina achieved outstanding results in the international tournament, with some of them securing second and third place in their respective weight class. All of them shared their enthusiasm throughout the tournament and demonstrated they strongly identify with the values of Tickmill.

SK Kadrina and Tickmill: Common Values and Vision

SK Kadrina wrestling team and Tickmill share a passion for excellence and are committed to achieving the best possible result in their respective fields. In the world of Forex trading, just like in wrestling, one requires a great deal of discipline, resilience and persistence in order to succeed. As a company that was built from traders for traders, we know well what traders need to succeed and we provide them with the right tools and resources to achieve their full potential in what they do best. In the same way, we are committed to supporting highly talented athletes and their teams, giving them wings to achieve even higher goals.

We take this opportunity to congratulate SK Kadrina on their exceptional results and wish them good luck and success in upcoming competitions.

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