Tickmill is always willing to serve the good of the communities in need, but this time the cause had a whole new meaning after sending one of our employees on a charity mission to help the children living in deprived rural areas of Kenya.

As a global broker with a diverse workforce, the impact of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities is far greater when we encourage our team members to participate in charitable causes of their choice, as it provides them with a higher sense of satisfaction.

Making a positive difference to the lives of the children in need

The mission of Tickmill’s Head of Marketing, Skevi Vasiliou, was to deliver necessities to children who belong to the vulnerable part of the population and suffer from poor living conditions, malnutrition and lack of education. The plan was to travel across the Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, in the most remote areas near the Kenya – Tanzania border.

In direct response to this opportunity, Tickmill and its members donated a substantial amount of money to buy:

  • tons of whole grain maize, flour and rice from local shops to help the underprivileged families
  • laptops, more than 4,000 books and other schools essentials to reinforce education in schools

Charity Tour in Mount Kilimanjaro: The Itinerary

Tickmill’s representative visited orphanages, primary schools, the Massai villages and other impoverished communities, where their day-to-day existence is a struggle for survival. Her journey also took her to the second-largest slum in the word, the Kibera slum in Nairobi.

Through her five-day trip, she had the opportunity to meet some very bright children and their families, and to discuss their progress in school and about future ways to support them.

The Head of Marketing commented: “I felt very proud to represent the human face of Tickmill on this special mission. Receiving this kind of support from my company motivated me and made me feel lucky to be part of a culture that cares about those who are less fortunate.”