With the holiday season upon us, we would like to inform you that the trading schedule will be subject to changes next week.

The below trading instruments will be affected as follows:

Monday, 24th December Tuesday, 25th December Wednesday, 26th December Thursday, 27th December
FX Closes at 23:00 Closed Normal Normal
XAUUSD Closes at 20:00 Closed Normal Normal
XAGUSD Closes at 20:45 Closed Normal Normal
US30 Closes at 20:15 Closed Closed Normal
US500 Closes at 20:15 Closed Closed Normal
USTEC Closes at 20:15 Closed Closed Normal
DE30 Closed Closed Closed Normal
FRANCE40 Closes at 15:05 Closed Closed Opens at 02:15
ITALY40 Closes at 14:30 Closed Closed Normal
SPAIN35 Closes at 15:00 Closed Closed Normal
STOXX50 Closed Closed Closed Opens at 02:15
SWISS20 Closed Closed Closed Normal
UK100 Closes at 14:50 Closed Closed Opens at 03:00
AUS200 Closes at 05:30 Closed Closed Normal
HK50 Normal Closed Closed Normal
JP225 Closes at 20:15 Closed Normal Normal
AFRICA40 Normal Closed Closed Normal
Bonds Closed Closed Closed Normal
WTI Closes at 20:45 Closed Normal Normal

The times mentioned above are in GMT+2.

Please Consider the Risks

During the holiday season, there may be changes in market conditions as to volatility and liquidity. Spreads are often much wider. Hence, please review your positions and margin requirements to ensure that you have sufficient free equity to cover a potential rise in margin requirements and adverse price movements. Kindly be advised that stop loss orders may not provide protection against adverse price movements in all circumstances. If you are uncertain, consider reducing or closing hedged positions and reassess the situation.

Should you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support Team.