How did you get started in the financial services industry?

When I was a student doing my master’s in management, I developed an interest towards the financial services industry. I worked for several firms whose services were an alternative to the traditional cash-based economy. I then had an opportunity to start as a Sales trader for a large US based broker in the OTC derivates market over 15 years ago and ever since, I worked my way up towards helping many known brokers establish their presence in Australia. I have had a strong affinity towards a compliance-based approach backed with good customer service. As the CEO of firms in Australia, my philosophy has always been to create a service-oriented culture that is based on integrity and transparency. I have always been on the lookout for a broker with honesty and integrity and that culminated in me helping Tickmill establish and grow as a global brand back in 2013.

Who are Tickmill’s clients?

Tickmill has a varied clientele from all over the globe. Most of our clients are smart and sophisticated traders who understand the value of good trading conditions. They are people who do their own research, check for regulated brokers backed by positive broker reviews on spreads and transparency with fast execution, low spreads, commissions and speed of deposits and withdrawals. The traders range from those who trade in OTC derivates to those who want to trade other financial instruments as a CFD.

What is it that traders want from an online trading provider?

In my opinion and based on constant feedback from traders over the past decades, traders are looking for a broker who can provide honest and reliable trading conditions. They are looking for a broker that have a professional team which can provide a quality customer experience in terms of servicing their needs. The broker must have cutting edge technology, not just with the trading platform, but also with other systems that can help them with their trade execution. Strong regulation is something that traders also take into consideration and want to be certain that the broker would abide by the rules of the regulators.

What do you think is Tickmill’s strongest competitive advantage?

Tickmill has always believed that regulation helps to level the playing field and ensures that brokers provide their services honestly and fairly. We have always strived to provide the best trading conditions that would translate to traders having a greater opportunity of success.

What do you attribute Tickmill’s success to?

Our motto is that “We want traders to succeed” and everyone in our professional team is working towards that singular goal. The primary reason for our success is our dedicated and talented team that works tirelessly towards ensuring an outstanding customer experience that goes above and beyond clients’ expectations.

Where do you see Tickmill developing in the near future?

Tickmill is investing heavily in technology and systems that will help enhance the trading experience of its clients and enable traders to have a greater choice with more information that they could use towards their trade planning and execution.

What lies ahead in the industry? How prepared is Tickmill to adapt to the future of Forex?

The FX and CFD industry is moving towards more regulation and pressure on brokers to act in the best interest of their clients. Over time, the brokers who have the systems and processes in place to be transparent towards their clients and regulatory authorities, will be the only ones standing. There will be a lot of consolidation and brokers with a strong balance sheet will survive and acquire the smaller brokerage houses. Tickmill is well prepared for this and I believe that over the next 3-5 years, it will be one of the few brokers who will thrive in the industry.